“Ceramic Age”, Large Size Slabs & Ceramic Trends is coming!

2018-05-28 16:42:57

“Ceramic Age”, the special display zone organized by ACIMAC and CCPIT Building Materials Sub-council, will kick off an overview of the latest trends in materials and aesthetics for the ceramic industry in hall 3.1 of Ceramics China 2018.
01.JPGAll the visitors will have the opportunity to get followings:
Produced in ever larger and more flexible sizes with exceptional aesthetic appeal, extra-large slabs and panels are revolutionising the concept of form and harmony in the ceramic sector, pushing back the boundaries of traditional materials and opening up new design opportunities. They function as an authentic architectural skin, cladding both exteriors and interiors with surfaces ranging from soft, natural textures through to ultra-technological, industrially-inspired materials. With their material appeal and special technology, they are ideally suited to a wide range of applications in both architecture and interior design. They represent the uniqueness of an innovative project, a design philosophy and a process of research, development and technological innovation.
Super Thin
The latest revolutionary technology has created ceramic panels with astonishingly small thicknesses (as thin as 3 mm) that combine low weight and flexibility with exceptional strength, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. In residential, commercial and many other sectors, ultra-thin panels offer innovative design solutions in terms of functionality, technical performance and design, ideal for the new paradigms of modern architecture.
Extra Thick
High-thickness slabs (around 20 mm) combine style with exceptional technical performance for use in both architectural interiors and outdoor spaces such as terraces, balconies, gardens, beaches, pedestrian paths and driveways. The sophisticated production technologies guarantee high levels of aesthetic quality in keeping with the latest trends in architecture and design, as well as high resistance to stresses and the elements. Available in very large sizes as well as an enormous range of colours and finishes, these extra-thick slabs offer new design potential and are suitable for applications from which traditional ceramic tiles were excluded.
02.JPGThank for the support from Sacmi, Colorobbia, Esmalglass-Itaca, Tecnoferrari, Tecnografica Stylgraph and Sertiles, who will show their more excellent products in Hall 3.1 and Hall 8.1.
P.S. Ceramic Age @ Ceramics China is curated by the Milan-based architecture firm Azzolini-Tinuper.