Ceramics China Promotion In Chaozhou

2018-04-06 16:38:53

Ceramics China Promotion Conference in Chaozhou has achieved complete success on March 30 in Chaozhou Yingbin Hotel.
More than 200 nos. attendees from local associations, ceramic factories and media have gathered to talk about “how can green & Intelligent manufacturing bring effect on the development of China ceramic”.
Chaozhou, as the traditional ceramic producing area, has more than 600,000 nos. people who are working for more than 100 nos. factories in ceramic tiles, plates, sanitary, tableware and art. 40% sanitary products in China come from Chaozhou every year.
Chaozhou building sanitary ceramics association,Chaozhou ceramic raw materials association, CCPIT Chaozhou Branch and other local ceramics association will come to visit CERAMICS China 2018 as delegation.
Equipment for automatic control production and solution for environmental protection are the most concerned by them.